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Activity Time Details
Team meeting 4:30PM – 5:30PM
@ HTWSept – 12, 26

Oct – 17, 24, 30

Nov – 14, 28

Jan – 9, 23

Feb – 6, 20

Mar – 6, 27

Apr – 10, 24

May – 29

Discuss / plan upcoming events

Play fun interactive games that help us get to know each other better

Lecture series Monthly (Jan – May) Event calendar will be updated when it is scheduled
Volunteer Opportunities Monthly The RSVP link will be sent out on GroupMe, as well as email and remind.
Social Events Quarterly The RSVP link will be sent out on GroupMe, as well as email and remind.

If you are 11 years or older, come check us out at our group meetings.

Yearly Activities

Activity Time Details
Halloween Event at the YMCA End of October Check event calendar for updates
Holiday Party End of December Check event calendar for updates
Yearly Marathon Usually in March Check event calendar for updates
End-of-Year Banquet May / June Check event calendar for updates

The Youth Club of the Hindu Temple of the Woodlands is a program for 6th-12th graders. Youth Club is a place for Indian-American kids to spend time with other kids living through the same experiences and with the same culture. Being a part of Youth Club allows members to have an impact on the temple community as well as The Woodlands itself. We provide many volunteer opportunities that can be accredited in college applications and more. In addition, meetings also consist of icebreakers and various other fun activities which help bring members closer together.

Each year, we elect a Youth Board whose members create meeting agendas, organize temple youth events, and plan our calendar year for volunteering
activities. Our activities continue to grow each year – from the fun-filled Diwali Mela events to free tutoring services, there is something for everyone here! Overall, our club strives to build friendships while playing a meaningful part in the vibrant growth of our temple and the woodlands community.

Board Members

  • President – Mahi
  • Vice President – Dathvika
  • Secretary – Vedarth
  • Community Service – Vibhan
  • Outreach  – Sai
  • Treasurer – Sruthi
  • Historian – Yashi
  • Sponsors- Rama Palwai, Hema Yaramada, Radhika Adoni

Volunteering Opportunities

There are multiple ways to get volunteer hours.

  • Bring snacks to meetings
  • Volunteer on Sundays from 12 am – 2 pm at Annadanam (temple lunch) and help clean up
  • Volunteer at temple gardening on Sunday mornings 8 am – 10 am. Make sure to wear gloves & close-toed shoes
  • For other volunteering opportunities, we will send a sign-up sheet to the members every month depending on the available opportunities. Please sign up.

Process to get credit for volunteering at an event:

  • Sign up for an event using the Google form sent in the monthly email. For Annadanam and gardening, please check their schedule and join the event.
  • At the event, take a selfie to prove your attendance.
  • Upload the image to the Image Upload Form detailing what event you attended
  • If you complete these steps, you will receive credit for an event!


    1. You can join our club by emailing the presidents and fill out the Google Form to be added to the email list.
    2. Pay your dues.
    1. Come to our volunteer events where we will either have you sign in or take a photo of yourself at the event.
    1. We will be constantly updating the GroupMe Calendar, sending emails, and sending reminders via Remind 101.
    1. Make sure to let one of the presidents know at least 24 hours prior to the event. For many of our volunteering events we are required to have a certain number of volunteers, therefore letting us know in advance can allow us to find a replacement volunteer.
    1. You can check your volunteer hours in our Hours Spreadsheet.
    1. YES! Youth Club provides individualized certificates for all of its members at the end-of-year banquet. This certificate will include your name and the total number of hours you earned that year.
    1. For smaller events we will have a group me RSVP. For bigger volunteering events we will send out a sign-up genius link.
    1. Lecture series is a special event that Youth Club hosts during Jan – May. During general meeting times, we arrange to have a speaker from medical, business, engineering fields, or anything else the youth is interested in, come to the temple and talk to members about what they do in their job. Members will learn how the speaker got to the point they are currently at, and towards the end of the lecture, the youth will have the opportunity to ask any questions they might have for the speaker.
    2. Here are some of the previous lectures
      Topic Presenter  
      Personal development Dr. Raj Ramachandran He is a graduate from University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Raj has assessed, advised, and coached CEOs and emerging leaders and top teams to help them create the conditions for operating at their purpose-driven best.
      Developing a product from an idea Siddharth Chandrashekar He is an entrepreneur and has started his own initiative of solar panels. He discusses how people can take initiative and develop their own product(s) when they have an idea.
      Financial workshop AnasuyaKabad A financial workshop for 6-12th graders.
      College application process Shobha Dasari An incoming freshman at Stanford University, a spelling bee prodigy, and an entrepreneur. The event was at the temple, and she spoke about her high school journey and can answer any questions you have regarding high school, college applications, etc.
      Career development Dr. Krishna Pachipala Dr. Pachipala received his medical degree at the age of 23 from Kurnool Medical College in India. Board certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hematology, Dr. Pachipala manages all kinds of cancer and hematologic problems.
      Career development Suresh Pisini He has a Graduate Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He currently heads the Structures group in the Ship Engineering Department.
    1. Project managers are members of youth club who have chosen to take initiative towards something they are interested in. They are responsible for the progression of their project and will have the authority to make decisions that relate to their chosen project. Anyone in youth club is eligible to become a project manager – all you have to do is come up with an idea that you believe will benefit the temple or the community and talk to one of the board members about it! Youth Club will support you and help you see your idea come to life!

Contact Us

We would love to have you as part of our Youth Club!

Remind 101

Text @htwyou to 81010