Youth Programs

We are a group of 6th-12th grade students interested in getting more involved with the community, while at the same time, learning more about our culture. This club is run entirely by high school students as far as creating meeting agendas, organizing events at the temple, and planning volunteer activities for those involved in the club. Your child is encouraged to join if he/she wants to enrich her mind about Hinduism and what it represents alongside her friends while also receiving the opportunity to participate and volunteer in several temple events such as Diwali Mela and Holi. In addition to volunteering at the temple, members will also have a chance to get involved in other ways within the community, such as Adopt-A-Path and volunteering at the food bank.

Our goal is to witness the improvement of the Hindu Temple of The Woodlands while knowing that each one of us played a role in helping it reach the point it is at today.

We plan to teach younger children about our culture, while learning more about it ourselves and at the same time, making friends and growing closer to our Hindu community!


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