Volunteer for HTW Seva

We need and welcome Volunteers to take care of many aspects of our temple. You can volunteer according to your interest in any of our religious, educational, cultural, and community activities. Some examples of volunteering include:

  • Temple Facility Maintenance: Light cleaning inside and outside the temple complex
  • Kitchen Help for Annadanam 
  • Education Programs: Teaching or Coordinating our various language programs
  • Cultural Programs: Teaching or Coordinating our various programs in classical singing, classical dance, classical music instrument, and other cultural activities
  • Religious Programs: Help setup for Puja Services routinely and for major festivals & celebrations. Devotional singing, bhajans, decorations, etc
  • Community Programs: Participate in various temple sponsored community activities
  • Major Festivals & Celebrations throughout the year

Please Email to temple@myhtw.net if you would like to Volunteer at our temple