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Hindu Temple of The Woodlands has been the home for all the religious, cultural and social activities for the community. Along with the community, HTW has grown over the past decade scaling the religious, cultural and educational activities.

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As the community is growing, current facilities have limited infrastructure limiting the scaling of current activities.

HTW is planning to build the following facilities

  • Education building to have all the classes in the temple
  • Cultural hall to accommodate lot more audience and offer a wide range of programs
  • Commercial kitchen to scale the food production and provide a better dining experience

With these activities moving to the new building, current facilities will have ample space for religious activities and a better ambience for devotees.

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The community has played a significant role in supporting the temple. As we move to the next growth phase, we count on your support.

Bhakti, Gyana and Karma – these are the guiding principles of Hinduism that a handful of likeminded people wanted to provide a place to pursue for our community and future generations. Thus, the idea of Hindu Temple of The Woodlands was conceived. With tremendous support from the community and many dedicated volunteers, HTW has initiated numerous programs to meet the interests of our diverse community and provided a platform for the members to pursue a variety of activities. These programs have attracted Hindus and non-Hindus alike in understanding what Hinduism has to offer, learning about the cultural diversity of India, and taking part in the festivities.

  • Land Purchased
    Hindi, Scriptures classes
  • 2008Bhoomi Puja
  • Prana Pratishta – Phase 1
  • 2012Prana Pratishta – Phase 2
    Yoga classes
    EYS Initiative
  • Welcome center building
    Green Temple Initiative
  • 2018Expanded parking lot
  • Expanded food services2019

Phase 1 : Lord Venkateswara, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha

Phase 2 : Goddess Maha Lakshmi and Sri Radha Krishna

HTW has Grown Significantly


Events celebrated have increased by 5 times

Event attendance has increased by 10 times

Regular members visiting the temple have increased by 4 times

Supplemented priest led activities (abhishekam) with devotee led activities (parayanam, bhajans)


Events have grown along with religious activities

Participation rose by 5-fold

Visiting artists have grown over years


Offerings have increased from Hindi alone to 6 languages including Sansksrit

Student enrollment has gone up from handful to 180 students


Expanded from Annadanam to Street food night, brunch and everyday favorites for the community to enjoy the tastes of India

Caters to small event to large 5000 attendee events

Significant financial contribution to manage the operational expenses of the temple

Volunteer led activity showcasing strong community involvement

Current facilities are constraining further growth

Current facilities have reached its limits in supporting all the religious, cultural and catering activities. As the community is growing and the number of events increasing to accommodate the interests of the devotees, space constraints and limited infrastructure in the current facilities are not conducive to have events that scale with the participants.


Limited space inside the main hall or in the front hall doesn’t allow large gatherings

Smaller stage limits the type of performances that can be allowed

Lack of proper facilities limit the range of cultural festivals that can be organized


Limited space is restricting simultaneous participation of large number of devotees inside the temple


Original intent of educating the kids in the temple premises is not realized yet

Majority of the education budget is spent on rental expenses for outside facilities


Limited facilities supporting catering for larger or multiple events in a short time are restricting productivity

Not able to expand the food offerings to support the growing demand

HTW has planned to expand the facilities to address the current needs and meet the future demands. The new facilities have classrooms, Cultural Center and larger kitchen facilities.


Learning Center (Language, Yoga, Arts, Spiritual Classes)

  • Learning center in the temple provides an opportunity for the kids to be exposed to religious and cultural activities regularly
  • More participants, additional classes
  • Saving rental expenses

Cultural Center (Cultural programs, Renting for private events)

  • Large stage increasing the scope of programs that can be hosted
  • Accommodates more participants and audience
  • Attractive venue for private events that contributes to the income

Commercial Kitchen (More equipment and spacious)

  • Scale the food production even for larger events and multiple events happening simultaneously
  • Expanded and permanent seating to accommodate the continuous flow of devotees
  • Potential for extra income by further expanding the food offerings

Religious activities

  • With dedicated facilities for education, cultural activities and kitchen, current facilities can be dedicated to religious activities allowing better experience for larger gathering.

Project Timeline



Start Fundraising


Q2 2021

Begin Construction


Q4 2022

Complete Construction


Q3 2023

Kum- bhabhishekam

We should take pride in what we have done so far as a community in creating the infrastructure for our religious, cultural and educational needs, imparting our heritage to our next generation and wider community. Let’s take the next step in providing holistic experience with the expanded facilities.

Your gift for the next phase will make a positive impact to our community.


If you choose one of these donation levels shown here and contribute the total amount in Sept 2019-2026 timeframe, your name will be embedded in the donor recognition wall in the new building.


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6

This donor recognition wall design may change but donors will be recognized as per their support. This is used for illustration purpose.