Support HTW

Hindu Temple of the Woodlands (HTW) operations are dependent on the contributions from the devotees like you. In addition to the day to day operations, your contributions help in bringing new activities to the temple. Watch the website to see all the temple activities.

You can help HTW in multiple ways

  • Volunteer your time for temple activities Register as a volunteer

  • Monetary contribution helps with the operational expenses as well as in bringing new facilities to support new or expanded activities.

Here are some of the opportunities to support HTW with monetary contributions by sponsoring some of the activities.

Annual Programs Be part of the team sustaining HTW programs by sponsoring an annual Puja or Annadanam for 2022 for any of our deities. Through the blessings given to you, you can be a source of change and support in this world.

Annual Program Sponsorship

Religious events – Festivals HTW celebrates over 50 festivals in an elaborate way. In addition to that there is lot of other religious programs organized throughout the year.

You can be one of the main sponsors for one or more of these events.

Sponsor Festival

Religious events – Puja programs HTW performs pujas for deities on a regular schedule. These include periodic puja, abhishekam of deities, kalyanam and others. They are performed frequently on behalf and in the name of the sponsors. Devotees doing Abhishekam for any deity need to bring fruits, and/or nuts (cashews, or almonds), and flowers only.

You can sponsor one or more of these events for one time or throughout the year.

Annadanam Lunch will be provided free of cost on Sundays. It is a great idea to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or any other special occasion through sponsoring an Annadanam program.

You can choose the date you would like to sponsor.

Sponsor Annadanam

Education Increasing awareness and imparting education about our culture is one of the key pillars of HTW. HTW has started classes and collaborated with different teams to ensure that our next generation has the opportunity to understand and experience the knowledge our ancestors have given to us. HTW offers language classes and others. In addition to expanding the knowledge that can be imparted to the kids, HTW is working on expanding the facilities for education to ensure that our kids have the suitable environment for learning within the HTW premises. Your monetary contribution for education can help in achieving these goals quickly.

Donate for the language class

General HTW incurs operational expenses, which includes day to day maintenance of the temple, improve the temple ambience through gardening activities, and others. Our goal is to make some of these programs self-sustainable.

Your support with a monthly/yearly contribution can help in taking care of these expenses.

Donate to the temple

Amazon.com donates a part of the money you spent on shopping at Amazon.com to your favorite charity. Please consider selecting HTW as the charity.

In your Amazon account, select Change your Amazon Smile charity.
Search for Hindu Temple of the Woodlands and select it.

HTW is a 501 (c)(3) organization, and any donations can be used for tax deduction.

If you prefer donating offline, please contact us

Matching donation

  • If your company has a matching program and HTW is part of your corporate matching program, please consider adding HTW as the beneficiary of your donation matching.
  • If HTW is not included in the corporate matching program, please use the following information to work with your corporate benefits team so that they can add HTW to your company‚Äôs matching program
    1. Name: Hindu Temple of the Woodlands
    2. Address: 7601 S. Forest Gate Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77382
    3. Government ID (EIN): 14-1841029
    4. Contact: president@myhtw.net