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Regular Meetings

Program Activities Meeting Time
Regular meeting Social gathering with lot of activities to engage the group.

Lunch will be served.

2nd Wednesday of every month.

10.30 AM – 2.00 PM

Bhajan Singing bhajans in various languages. Contact to get the details
Yoga Yoga practice by the senior citizens Every Monday
11AM – 12 noon

annual events

Program Activities Meeting Time
Valentine’s Day Musical presentation Around Valentine’s day
Seniors Got Talent Musical presentation Middle of the year
Outdoor picnic Fun filled event with enthusiastic participants in a variety of activities Two times an year
Desh Bhakti Honoring Bharat and the USA August
Diwali Live entertainment and delicious food November
Thanksgiving Live entertainment and delicious food
Year-end party Live entertainment and delicious food December
Group travel Day trips to point of interest

Watch out for the details of the annual events in this space or check the event calendar to get more details about each event.

We are an active group of individuals with a purpose to live the life to the fullest.

The Senior Forum of The Hindu Temple of The Woodlands was founded in June2014 as a social group to meet the needs of senior members of the HTW community and visiting family members.

There are currently over 200 registered members. The group is an open and accepting one, which includes members from different faiths. Most members are from the HTW community in The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, and Cypress.Some even travel from Humble, Kingwood, and Houston on occasion.

There are two regularly attending members who are in their 90’s. Others are in their 70’s and 80’s. Their alertness and enthusiasm encourage and inspire the younger members and volunteers. There are many registered and non-registered volunteers who support the group. Many of them are in their 40’s and 50’s; they enjoy interacting with and helping the seniors. There are often 75 plus members attending Senior Forum meetings. On special events like Diwali and other holiday events there are often more attendees.

These meetings cover a wide variety of topics. The purpose of this group is to understand and cater to the needs of the group. Everyone is engaged in these group activities.

Social Gatherings

Lunch and social hour are highlights of the meetings, allowing the seniors to mingle. “Laughter Therapy” and “Hasya Moments” allow seniors share jokes, shayiris, and other poetry with other members.

Birthday, anniversaries, and special occasions are always acknowledged and celebrated cheerfully as many have family members living afar and their Senior Forum friends have become like extended family members.


Members with expertise in a certain field share their knowledge with the group.

There are often presentations that are both interesting and valuable to the group members. The presenters include medical doctors, yoga instructors, investment advisors, and other community members. They give guidance on health (physical and mental) staying active, managing money, and being safe. A variety of other topics, including travelogues and information on personal experiences, as suggested by members are featured from time to time.

Community Services

The seniors are a giving group. Some of the activities from this group include

  • Montgomery County Food Bank and contributes to “Keep Us Fed” program in conjunction with HTW and good Samaritan families in the community.
  • The group has supported Montgomery County Women’s Center in the past.
  • The Seniors sponsor HTW’s Annadaanam once a year.

There is no fee to join or attend the HTW Seniors Forum meetings; however voluntary contributions from members are accepted.

“We want to LIVE, not just EXIST”.