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Offering Schedule
Annadanam (Sponsor)       Sundays after Aarti (around 12.30 PM)
Daily Food Food is available for purchase everyday. Check the menu for details.
Everyday favorites Regular temple timings. Please pickup and pay at the temple.

Saturday Menu

July 20, 2024

Flavors of Hyderabad

  • Masala vada
  • Peanut tomato chutney
  • Sweet pepper curry
  • Plantain fry
  • Coconut ghee rice
  • Almond halwa
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Lunch Prasad is offered to the devotees every Sunday after aarti (at around 12:30 PM). It is a meal freshly prepared by our selfless volunteers and sponsored by devotees.

There are three ways in which members of the community can get involved in this program:
  • 1

    Volunteering your time to help cook the offering.

    Register as a volunteer

  • 2

    Sponsoring Annadanam. It is a great way to celebrate birthdays, graduations, or any other special occasion in your life or to simply say thanks to God for the happiness in our lives. You will get the opportunity for a special Puja and you will receive recognition for being the sponsor for the prasad on that day.

    Sponsor Annadaanam

  • 3

    Bonding with members of the community while sharing a scrumptious lunch!


Throughout the year, HTW organizes festivals for its devotees and the community at large such as Diwali, Holi, Onam, and Ugadi. Many of the major events have exciting food provided by the kitchen volunteers. We have also had the honor of hosting some non-hindu community members and introducing them to various foods and tastes of India. We delight in building community and bringing people from all walks of life together through the experience of food!

Here is a glimpse of the dining experience during some of the festivals.

January 1st A mix of food from different regions of India is served.
Pongal / Sankranti Typically, a sit-down lunch with the traditional festival food
Holi Thousands of devotees visit the temple for Holi mela. There are multiple stalls from many regions of India- Dosa, masala vada, samosa, pani puri and jalebi are some of the favorites. This is an opportunity to taste a variety of food from different parts of India.
Regional new year Sit-down lunch with banana leaf served with many favorites including a variety of dishes from the regions celebrating the new year
Sri Rama Navami Experience the dining experience that is expected during marriages
HTW Anniversary This is a 3-day event and many treats are in store for the devotees
Onam Sit down lunch on a banana leaf celebrated with scores of traditional Kerala delicacies such as olan, avial and erissery curry.
Navrathri – Bathukamma, Garba This festival runs over several days and many different foods are served- dhokla, masala vada and puliyogare.
Diwali Diwali mela is our signature event. We have thousands of visiting devotees and several food stalls showcasing street foods of India. Dosa, pesarattu, chole bhature, pav bhaji, boondi ladoo, gulab jamun…. and the list goes on!

Please consider being a sponsor for any of the festivals that you cherish! It’s a great way to give back to the community.
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Brunch, Street Food and Everyday Favorites

It was discerned that there is a need, in our community, for freshly prepared Indian food. HTW team is offering a variety of food that appeal to your taste buds.


A brunch/lunch combination, exploring different cuisines from different regions all packed to go for your convenience.

Street Food Night

As the name states, we serve the most popular street food from all corners of the country from chats to salads and breads to sweets.

Everyday Favorites

HTW team offers everyday favorites including dosa batter, coconut chutney, paneer, yogurt, ghee and others.

Volunteering Opportunities

HTW food service is a volunteer driven activity. We appreciate all our volunteers as they take great pride in showcasing their cooking skills throughout the year. We understand that food is not just fuel. Food helps to tie us to our community and to our traditions. The experience of sharing a meal helps bring our devotees closer together. It creates a lively and warm culture as seen at our very own HTW. That is why we need YOU! Our volunteers are key in making this happen!

What will you gain
  • A community of like-minded individuals and a great opportunity to make friends
  • Gain confidence through experience
  • Learn new skills
  • The chance to make somebody smile through a delicious meal!
How you can help
  • Take the lead for Annadanam or Everyday Favorites- from planning the menu to execution! (All with ample support of course)
  • Or simply participate as a team member (we welcome all levels of experience!)
  • Volunteer at festivals when man-power is key!
  • If this sounds like the opportunity for you, Register as a Volunteer