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Sa’vidya’ya’vimuktaye- Education is that which liberates

“That is real knowledge which frees; That is action that does not bind us; That is real knowledge that liberates us

All other actions are mere efforts, all other knowledge is cleverness”


  • Spread India’s rich culture, heritage, values
  • Develop and train youth in holistic manner
  • Provide service to community and beyond for a harmonious life.
  • To develop a vibrant and holistic lifestyle that uplifts the community and beyond.


The temple offers various heritage classes and scripture learning as well as Yoga, Language classes and Choir for youth and  adults. For more information and class dates and times,  please click on the tabs under EYS.

Currently the temple is in the process of expanding its existing facilities to be able to conduct programs to foster its mission and vision. To this end, the temple is hosting a fundraiser called Chitram – A Portrait of India to help raise funds to build the EYS center.

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