This generation of Indo-american youth often forgets that some of the most influential, inspirational, and awe-inspiring stories come from our very own backyards. From medicine, to engineering, to business and management, our own local Indian Woodlands community is brimming with opportunities to teach our younger
And HTW Youth Club wants to share their stories.
From its inception, Hindu Temple of the Youth Club has been an organization
geared towards helping the community and The Woodlands Hindu Temple. This year, the
Youth Club has decided to further this cause by introducing a new lecture series segment
featuring adults from The Woodlands community .
Not only is this an opportunity to promote bonds between generations, but is also a
chance to educate the sea of children who are confused about where their passion lies.
On February 12 at 6 P.M, our first speaker, Dr. Sujatha Anand, MD , will be sharing her
experience as a practicing family physician, her experience at medical school both in
India and in the U.S., and how her career influences her personal life as well .
The first event is free and open to all; after this speaker, this exciting opportunity is only
exclusive to Youth Club members who have paid the 10$ dues.

Please sign up for the first event .

If you would like to speak at the future events, please sign up at . If you have any question, please contact Pravin Sivagnanakumar at 936-718-0786 or .
There is no shortage of adults in our very own local woodlands community who each have their own unique story to share about a journey that embodies determination, dedication, and perseverance . We, as your children, and as your younger generation, admire you, applaud you, and consider every one of you to be our greatest inspiration.
We want to hear your story. And we want to share it with your kids too.


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